Rabu, 09 Januari 2013


Been three days already I started blogging. On today, I did my well-big-enough-project for the yearbook of Santa Maria High School, and I took a small part as photographer as well. They took "The Heritage" as their main theme, and the class that I captured today took Tugu Pahlawan as their photo-spot. While waiting them to come, I just randomly captured these photos. Sometimes, we do forget how our heroes did the struggle in the past. The stories. The bloods. The sweats. The self-esteem. They didn't ask you to remembering them in every second of your life. One thing we should do, feel the warmth of this struggle, and keep survive like there's no word give up. Anyway, pardon me for those-three-beyond-cute-cat HAHA. Cute, isn't he/she?

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  1. thankyou for visiting my blog. you have a great blog:) awesome photographs! cute cat btw..Xoxo, Daydream