Selasa, 26 Maret 2013

Kate Spade-Spring 2013//Things We Love

Like few weeks ago, I got invitation from Virginie and Theresia to join the grand opening of Kate Spade with theme they took: Things We Love//Spring 2013. What a great opportunity to attend this gorgeous event with tons of Surabaya fashioned people joined. And here I'm going to share you all what I successfully captured that time.


This is what I made with Geesign, a portfolio for Indonesian new brand: Karoong. They are coming up with very unique and 'keeping-Indonesian-heritage' concept. For me, Karoong is a breakthrough for teenagers, and reminding us that fashion isn't always about internationally brands only, but how passionate you are in styling your self with every piece of single stuff. You may check and grab their collections here Karoong Indo