Selasa, 29 Januari 2013


Busy weeks are attacking, tons of duty are slapping me, and panda-eyes are loving me by now. No words I can describe, credit for photos goes to me and some pals, Virginie, Lauren, and Kezia. So much fun we had in that time, and I can't wait more for having a shoot with another pals. See you soon on my next trip post! Cheers, deers :B

Selasa, 15 Januari 2013


Greeting, first of all, from me in Jogjah! I am on my vacation trip here - yes this week's gonna be my last week of holiday - so I think there won't be regret if I enjoy this pleasure time before I should go back to accounting journal and friends. Anyway, this isn't my latest outfit, since I've been captured for these like a month ago with Reinhardt Kenneth and Christian Belvin and yes Malvin. Some people are talking about signature outfit that will never be left on their looks. Mine are studs and denim, what about you deers? Gonna see you soon on my next post - COLOR(S)!

Rabu, 09 Januari 2013


Been three days already I started blogging. On today, I did my well-big-enough-project for the yearbook of Santa Maria High School, and I took a small part as photographer as well. They took "The Heritage" as their main theme, and the class that I captured today took Tugu Pahlawan as their photo-spot. While waiting them to come, I just randomly captured these photos. Sometimes, we do forget how our heroes did the struggle in the past. The stories. The bloods. The sweats. The self-esteem. They didn't ask you to remembering them in every second of your life. One thing we should do, feel the warmth of this struggle, and keep survive like there's no word give up. Anyway, pardon me for those-three-beyond-cute-cat HAHA. Cute, isn't he/she?

Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Camouflage is on The Air!

First coming up, my outfit post which taken like few weeks ago with another-three-awesome-boys: Ken from The Photographic Sense , also Belvin from The Little Fashionosto , and Malvin. These photos are taken in a small hotel (like I never expect before), and hell yeah we got so much fun! Anyway, in this outfit, I wore white plain shirt, combined with camouflage jacket, plain short, and a pair of boots, oh and little touch of studded cap! Camouflage is coming back as trend recently, here are some inspiring looks that I found from the browser. On my own way, they are all look great. So, keep your head up high and we are ready for war! For credit, photos are taken randomly by one of those three, so I'd like to thank you all, deers!

PORTFOLIO 2011-2012

Deers, as what I wrote in the previous post, I do photographs and bump it all in the mood. In this time, I'd like to share what I've been captured with my loveleee camera in these last 2 years. Some are beauty(s), portfolio(s) with some designers, and random outfit posts which I took with my pals. I am really opened with any opportunities for portfolio and work for your business. Further portfolio, check my page out , Cheers ma diers! :]