Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Camouflage is on The Air!

First coming up, my outfit post which taken like few weeks ago with another-three-awesome-boys: Ken from The Photographic Sense , also Belvin from The Little Fashionosto , and Malvin. These photos are taken in a small hotel (like I never expect before), and hell yeah we got so much fun! Anyway, in this outfit, I wore white plain shirt, combined with camouflage jacket, plain short, and a pair of boots, oh and little touch of studded cap! Camouflage is coming back as trend recently, here are some inspiring looks that I found from the browser. On my own way, they are all look great. So, keep your head up high and we are ready for war! For credit, photos are taken randomly by one of those three, so I'd like to thank you all, deers!

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  1. hahaha it's been so long from the first time i visited your blog. cool post babe ;)

    1. huge thanks, babe, yours too, loved <3

  2. Balasan
    1. I'm in love so with your look(s), no exceptions :D xx.