Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013

Happy Lucky 2013!

January 5th, 2013. 8:08 PM, as seen in my board. I created this blog, and I named it DEAR-A-DEER. Well, I am inspired by fantasy-imaginable-deers and it sounds hilarious when you spell it out as "Dier A Dier". Just a short-synopsis as the first page of this blog, I'd like to make this blog as my own book of freedom. I divide this book into few chapters, and they are amateur-photographs which I take in my long-breathe, some inspiring ideas from whole world, and kinda sometimes outfit posts which are inspiring for my self, and maybe some of you(s). I am actually 19th when I created this blog, and still in the process of study in Accounting major, WM Catholic University Surabaya. I decided to be a photographer as my-side-job-outside-school, even-though I realize that my creations aren't amazing enough to WOW-you(s), but I hope I will, soon *cheers*. I am amused by how style can change the whole look of someone, so I just decided to give attention to my look(s). I'm not usually into branded-things-and stuffs, as long as those stuffs can show the way I'm standing for. I'm in love with studs, denims, converse(s), and boots. Anyway, I'm not an expert in English, so yeah just pardon me if you as the correctors, will find so many disaster in my structure or grammar(s), and I hope they won't be a catastrophe in the later. I do need so many inputs, critics, and supports from you all, the deers. No any words I can say, just HAPPY 2013! I'm wishing a blissful-365-days ahead for all the people and this planet, especially. Best wishes and regards, Lukas Atmaja.

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  1. It seems like I will no longer write Lukas Atmaja from Lookgraphy, but from Dear A Deer <3
    Thank you for photographing me the whole time, you're AMAZING!!
    Follow back my blog, s'il vous plait?

    1. finally deer(s) are my final decision, oh how imaginable they are hahaha, once we get featured, we should call 'em "Sequin Deers", xx.